Friday, December 02, 2011

Costas on NFL Celebrations

This is too priceless to not share. Bob Costas, one of my all-time favorite sportscasters, takes NFL players (and their coaches) to task over the silly and selfish celebrations. "Act like you been there before," has always been a good piece of advice that I wish more players would take to heart. 

My all-time favorite player is Walter Payton. When he retired, Payton lead the NFL in all-time rushing yards as well as all time rushing touchdowns. His touchdown celebration usually involved spiking the ball or throwing it into the crowd. He was the best and he didn't showboat. He acted like he had been there before and like he expected to be there again. 

I would love to add to Costas' commentary but he said it better than I could have said it.

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  1. Hard to imagine but on-field celebrations continue to become stupider. ("Stupider" as a word choice fits better in this context than "more stupid") And I'll admit a weakness for enjoying Gilbert Brown's "gravedigger" move. Perhaps coaches could take Costas' advice and require their palyer to perform the "Barry Sanders" after each TD, i.e. just hand the ball to the closest guy wearing a striped shirt.