Monday, April 23, 2012

The Flying Spagetti Monster

Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason is one of my all-time favorite Christian Apologists. In this video Mr. Koukl is differentiating between the claim that there is no evidence for Christianity–which is false and is intellectually dishonest–and the claim that the evidence is not compelling–which I believe to be false but is at least something that we can debate about.

In their very basic forms the arguments that Mr. Koukl references are:

  1. The Cosmological Argument–something does not come into existence from nothing and the universe exists therefore something or someone must have caused the universe;
  2. The Ontological Argument–the greatest thing that we can imagine (God) cannot exceed that which actually exists;
  3. The Moral Argument–the foundation for objective moral obligations cannot exist outside of an objective moral source;
  4. The Argument from Desire–every innate desire has a corresponding real satisfaction and because we have an innate desire that goes beyond the natural world then something outside of the natural world must exist;
  5. And The Teleological Argument–there is an inherent design found within the universe that cannot be fully explained through random chance and requires a designer.
For a fuller explanation of each of these (and even more) evidences for the existence of God:

Twenty Arguments for the Existence of God

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