Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate plus 8 equals disaster

I admit that over the past couple of years watching Jon and Kate plus 8 has been one of my guilty pleasures. It all started off because my wife was watching them and I would sit down on occasion to watch the show. Next thing you know it, I was hooked. The original premise of the show was how this couple coped with the difficulties of marriage and raising 8 kids (twins and sextuplets).

However as the show went on the strain of the marriage came to the front. Now comes word that this celebrity couple is getting a divorce. Not earth shaking news, celebrity couples get divorced all the time, but this celebrity couple is a celebrity couple because they are married and have 8 kids.

Both said that their kids are the most important thing in their lives. But what about their marriage? Wouldn't that in a sense be more important than their kids? It's kind of like saying that the house is more important than the foundation it's built on. Yes you can still have the house but it's much better off with a solid foundation. Same for kids, you can have kids without the marriage but they are better off in a marriage (see here, here and here).

Maybe Jon and Kate should have focused on what was best for their marriage and that would have resulted in them doing what was best for their kids.

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