Monday, September 19, 2011

Worship, Football and Mr. Sandman

Last week I sat and watched the Bears game in amazement as they took apart a pretty good Atlanta team. Atlanta just beat a pretty good Philadelphia Eagles team although Philly QB Michael "Dog Killer" Vick missed the fourth quarter with a neck injury. So this week I was really looking forward to watching the Bears play New Orleans.

I was leading worship at church and had a meeting following the service. As the meeting kept going longer and longer I was noticing the time was getting closer and closer to kickoff. Finally the meeting was over and we were on our way...oops...have to stop at da Jewels ('s really Jewel-Osco which is a grocery store) to pick up some tomatoes.

Finally after getting home and preparing lunch I sat down to watch the game. I was just in time to see the Saints kick a field goal. The score was Bears 7 and the Saints 3. Not too bad. Through out the second quarter it was clear that the Bears were having a tough time on both offense and defense.

The offense was struggling except for Matt Forte. That guy is really good. The defense got torched for a long TD pass from Drew Brees to Devery Henderson. The defense held the Saints to a few more field goals and the Bears were able to get one field goal. So going into halftime it was 16 to 10 in favor of the Saints.

Enter Mr. Sandman...

Leading worship is always an energy intensive activity. An hour practice before the service and playing through most of the service means almost two straight hours of playing and singing. When I come home I am usually wiped out and laying on the couch watching sports is usually a drowsy combination.

I promptly slept through the rest of the game which looking at how it ended up was not a bad thing. The Bears have a lot of work to do before next weeks big game against the Packers. Next week's game may go a long way to showing whether their week one performance was a fluke or not. Hopefully not but Aaron Rodgers has the ability to pick apart defenses as well as Brees. So it could be another long afternoon.

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