Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Man's Guide to Making Pancakes

Pancakes are one thing that every man should know how to cook. With a little effort and care they can be part of a delicious breakfast. They can also be a very good lunch or dinner. Today I would like to share with you the two basic methods to make pancakes. These two ways are based upon how many people you will be cooking for. The first method is when you need to cook the pancakes for a group of 2 or more. The second method is when you are cooking for a group of less than 2.

Both methods start the same. First pick out a recipe. There are a wide variety of recipes to choose from that include adding fruit or chocolate chips or any number of extras. While I am partial to normal pancakes it is recommended that when you are using method 1 it is good to consider adding something. Plopping a few blueberries into the pancakes is a great way to impress. It is highly advised that you skip all add-ins if you are using method 2. If you must–don't tell anyone. You will just be opening yourself up to some much deserved ridicule. Personally I am partial to this particular recipe. Once you have the recipe picked out you need to estimate how much to make. Always guess high. There is nothing like having an insurmountable stack of pancakes to put on the table. Mix up the batter. The next few steps depend upon which method you are using.

For method 1 (groups of 2 or more) the first thing to do is to preheat the oven to 275. This will allow you to keep the pancakes warm until you have cooked a number sufficient to feed a small country. Next you need to heat up your griddle. For larger groups I recommend having an electric griddle that will allow you to cook 10-12 pancakes at a time. (Immediately run to the store and buy one if you don't have one. Look for one that has a "Pancake" setting on the controls and not just temperature numbers. Numbers are useless. Remember to turn the oven off and put the batter in the fridge while you are gone.) Slather up the griddle with butter so that the pancakes get a nice golden brown and don't stick to the griddle. There are lower fat options but–again–just don't tell anyone. They are not as tasty as real butter.

Pour the batter onto the griddle into pancake shaped pancakes. When they get bubbly like in the picture above flip them. Check the bottom after a few moments and when they are done put them in an oven safe dish inside the oven. Repeat this process until you are satisfied that your group will have enough pancakes for the rest of their natural lives. Serve the pancakes on a platter topped with butter. Keep the maple syrup on the side to avoid having soggy pancakes.

For method 2 (groups of less than 2) you need to preheat a skillet, have your plate, fork and maple syrup ready. This method cooks the pancakes one at a time. Once the skillet is hot enough slather it with butter. Pour the batter onto the skillet in a pancake shape. Follow the same cooking directions as method 1. Once the pancake is done put it directly on your plate. Pour another pancake shaped pancake onto the skillet. Put syrup on the first pancake and eat it. About half way through eating the first pancake the second pancake should be ready to flip. Put the second pancake on your plate once it is done cooking. You will most likely already be done eating the first pancake. Repeat the process until you cannot bear to eat another pancake. Then finish eating the pancake you are currently cooking.

Every man will be blessed to know these tried and true methods.

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  1. These are two excellent suggestions Mike. I can personnaly vouch for method 2, although I never thought of it in .terms of an established methodology before