Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Test of Fire

I am not Catholic and I have tried hard to avoid too much political discussion on this blog. (By my count up to this point less than 5% of my posts have dealt with political topics.) But I found this video targeting Catholic voters too good to not share.


It does a very good job of pointing out some of this election's most essential issues from a Christian worldview. One of the challenges for a church or a pastor when it comes to politics is running into tax-exempt issues. The interpretation of the 1954 Johnson Amendment by the IRS has effectively shut down the church from explicitly endorsing (or condemning) a particular candidate. I have no idea of whether or not this video has any official connection to the Catholic church. But it does not actually state which candidate is being endorsed–or It is clearly taking issue with some of President Obama's current actions.

One caveat–as we go deeper into the political silly season it will be harder and harder for me to avoid speaking about political issues. Anything that I post of a political nature will only be my personal opinion and written on my personal time. I also welcome any dialog and disagreement.

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